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My favourite guitarist from my favourite band of ALL TIME – Guns N’ Fookin Roses. Seeing as though they split up back in 96′ I never thought I would ever be able to see them live. Luckily for me Axl pulled his finger out and toured once again as GNR. Obviously it would be life changing for me if Axl and Slash were to join forces and perform, but I am happy to say I have seen both GNR and Slash perform their sweet sounds now, and this pic is one I luckily managed to take before the carnage.

It was shot on my Nikon s9100, and I couldnt believe the results when I opened it up in Bridge. Obviously I am no a pro, but I was well chuffed with the results! No Photoshopping here sir. (Well, maybe I did extend the black background just a bit so I could make a desktop piccie.)

All images © 2012-2015 Mark Lawrence.

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  1. Elizabete

    Love the outfit, esalicpley the jacket and tee. Loved GnR as a teen and their music still rocks. Your new place is looking good, how fun is it to scour the Rose Bowl for unique pieces?!

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