My Site got ‘Ganked’ (Multiple Times)

Posted by Mark Lawrence / 2nd December 2012 / 10 responses

‘Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.’
Albert Schweitzer.

The site you are viewing now is not the first incarnation of Mark Lawrence Design, version 1 infact looked a lot like this. I am pleased to say that the popularity it still receives is overwhelming, winning ‘Site of the day’ over at ‘Most Loved’ on One Page love and also ‘Site of the Day’ at CSS Design Awards.

I was quite literally chuffed to bits that I managed to finish a design for a personal website I was content enough with, let alone have it viewed by fellow designers and deemed ‘pretty good’. That version of the site was around the 5th in a series of designs I slaved over, tweaking hex values, making sure the gradients was just the right blend of grey to black etc etc… and then scrapped as I grew to dislike them.

So you could say I was quite proud of it.

Anyhow, I was checking out my google analytcs data and noticed some odd looking things in the ‘viewed pages’ section. References to pages being viewed that I knew were not on my server. (the site is one page, so ‘index’ should really be the only one available right?)

I decided to conduct a bit of detective work (ie,Google) dropping these funky looking urls in and seeing what came out the other end.

What follows is (in my opinion) a round-up of 5 sites I found who have copied the crap out of my original. I shall not lie, at first I felt disgusted. “Who do the hell do they think they are?!” I remember thinking as the first one loaded. A beautiful site (Im allowed to say that, as 99% of it is my site) by a marvellous “Front-End, Mobile web & IOS developer” called Renan Henrique.

As my search continued, and more of these gems were discovered the more comical it became. “Beauty of grace & Skilfull Designs..That always give you a better Feealing & soothing effects”. (Note the typo on feeling) by a chap who owns As I clicked through each of the sections and saw their reworks of my original, the initial anger I had felt was replaced with a huge grin at the lengths they each had gone to.

So, in the spirit of things I have listed below each site, along with the url and the all-important screengrabs (just in case they decide they suddenly dislike their current website, like I did with the 5x full redesigns I did before settling on mine)

Each site has a mark from 1-10, based on how funny their profile pics are in the about me section.



As the page loads we are ensured coolarts “develop in a different way” and also “WE CAN DO EVERYTHING Graphic, Web & Print Design” I beg to differ on the second part.

The things I like about this iteration of the site is the level of efforts gone into ensuring they make the most of their web traffic. A helpful banner advert keeps our attention away from the interesting colour scheme and grammar throughout site.

Coolarts like all things soothing – and nothing soothes me more than seeing my own work still intact in the portfolio section. I am helpfully informed that this is “Some of [their] designs” and they obviously took a dislike to the neutral grey I used on this copy, and opted for a ‘soothing green’ (#666600 if you are looking to use it in your own work).

I was keen to get to the about section as I wanted to learn more about the brand, but was disappointed to see no about us blurb. I have to assume they run out of time ensuring the portfolio section was just right, as they forgot to swap out the latin copy for something a bit more personal.

Gankometer: 7/10

Coolarts scores well for making the most of an animated gif in the header of the site, and for the spelling of ‘feealing’. Where they fall short is the lack of amusement for me in the about me section: No headshot or placeholder text left me cold and disappointed.



Minesh has committed 100% to his site; as they say, “the devil is in the detail” and this version of my site does not disappoint. Bold angular lines welcome us to his portfolio. Lines that ensure if you were not paying attention before, the retina-burn they leave you with will not be forgotten. If this is the experience before the portfolio section, I do believe we are in for a treat.

At least the portfolio section has some work other than mine in. Each link here takes us off to a freshly loaded page where it does seem Minesh has contributed some personal work. Good lad.

The about section again has no headshot, however we learn more about the man behind the myth: His mission is to solve clients problems and he is passionate about design. It is a real pleasure that I could help you out with your site Minesh, well done.

Gankometer: 3/10

This mark might have been higher, however the angular lines left me with a migraine and this cannot be overlooked in the final mark.



Steve is an honest guy it seems. He has kindly informed us he has indeed ‘ganked’ his code from yours truly. Thanks mate, this will serve you well in your final mark. If you had also admitted to taking my images you would have earned yourself an extra point.

When the site loads we are presented with a carbon copy in its purest form. Thanks for keeping this one as close to my original as you have, even down to the “Awwwards” ribbon on the Right.

What will be your legacy? We are asked as we scroll to the Portfolio section. I will have to assume your legacy will be a lot like mine Steve, have you checked out my new site by the way? Anything you like?

“Like a boss this site has moving parts” Come on now Steve, I can’t take all the credit for that…. oh I see you already have.

I thought we could now head straight to the all important About me section:

Gankometer: 9/10

I can tell Steve is a real charmer, and he had me at ‘ganked’.
Like a boss, Steve’s moustache is awarded 9/10!



I think you get the idea with these now – and Ill cut straight to the headshot for Renan. This guy must get all the chicks, I am surprised he even had time to steal my site.

Gankometer: 6/10

Not bad but the language barrier meant I could not read or be bothered to translate what he is on about. I am pleased he has 17 likes on Facebook.



Intergraph has a great mixture of both my work, and stock images in their portfolio which is refreshing.

Token ‘hands shaking’ stock greets us in the contact section, and I almost missed it but can see they are using the Awwwards ribbon to creative effect, on click you are taken to Facebook’s privacy settings page (wtf?)

Gankometer: 5/10

Intergraph gains an extra mark for having a blue logo, but immediately loses that mark for keeping my name in the title of the page, and using my Facebook like feed.


Honorable mentions

Thanks for reading! – If I find anymore Ill be sure to post them up.


10 responses to “My Site got ‘Ganked’ (Multiple Times)

  1. Adam Wimpenny

    As a long time admirer of your previous site I thought this post was amazing.

    The Steve Kojima bit was hilarious.

    I’ve definitely seen how your site has influenced other designers but these really take the biscuit!

    • Mark Lawrence

      Hey Adam,

      Thanks for taking the time to see my new site 🙂

      It got to the point there I was seeing so many copies of my 2011 site that I had to take action! I have a few more ‘ganks’ that I am keen to share – some real corkers too!

      Be sure to pop back to take a look at these ones too!


  2. tobias koehler

    hey mark,

    first of all – you´ve got something going on. The parallaxx and the new site are excellent!!

    I´ve been working on a parallaxx website to – seems like it´s ok to just copy and paste your code 😉

    But don´t worry I´ll do it on my own…

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

    All the best

  3. Omar Nofl

    Hey Mark,

    Your website is really amazing and you deserve the best site on
    About the people who follow you and your design, it’s just meaning your site is the best and I really like it much, You are creative and I’ve found your website while searching about ideas for my website which I am creating.

    Best Regards,

  4. kevin dubrosky

    Mark, I admire your light-heartedness.

    In a twisted way, imitation can be viewed as a valuable currency. It shows you that you’re on to something.

    Annoying, yes.
    Frustrating, yes.

    Awesome, yes.

    Keep up your good work. You’ve got 1000 more ideas inside, so you don’t have to worry about this stuff. Just keep innovating, like Ray Kroc.

  5. Damien Powell

    Love the site, new and parallax. Simply stunning. I guess im not the only one, as its been stolen so many times, i wonder how many will jack this new one?


    • Mark Lawrence

      Hey Damien,

      Thanks for checking out my site!

      I am hoping the new site wont be ‘borrowed’ as much as the last lets put it that way 😉 Even though it is good fun to see what other people come up with!


  6. Marcus

    Mark, this article was hilariously funny. I bet those guys got through college plagiarizing. Anyway I love the look of the new site and your graphic work. Thanks for sharing and continuing to inspire so many.

  7. Becca

    Hey Mark,

    Wow I this blows my mind. I remember checking out your site on I actually was coming back for a little inspiration. I’m glad you were able to call them all out. Looks like Renan Henrique has updated his portfolio section, and his social connections. I can’t believe he didn’t even make the attempted to change the background images and color scheme. I’m even more shock he still has his site up.

    Check out his portfolio and how his websites he “created” doesn’t even compare to the quality of the site he stole from you.

    Everyone should start blasting his social networks informing how well of a job he did “steeling” his code. Anyways sorry some people just don’t have any morals, but the site was truly inspiring.



  8. zizy

    loooooool. funniest thing ive read all day!!
    its okay to get inspiration from a person, but copy and paste is totally unacceptable,

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